How to Choose the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets for your Modern Kitchen in Vaughan

When planning a modern kitchen renovation – or when your kitchen cabinets are just way too far gone for refacing- you’ll have to consider how to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets for your modern kitchen in Vaughan. You know what you like…but with so many choices available, how can you make an informed decision? Choosing kitchen cabinets can be nerve wracking because their colour, style and layout influences the entire look (not to mention budget) of your modern kitchen. To help you make a great choice, here are some factors to consider when looking for cabinets in Vaughan.

  1. Cabinets do come in a very wide range of styles, but before diving into that, it’s best to choose the quality of cabinetry you require. Kitchen cabinets that look the same may be constructed of different materials in different grades of quality. If you are doing a remodel prior to selling your home, you may want to invest in cabinets of ‘medium’ quality that look wonderful; they’ll add value to your home without being the most expensive option. On the other hand, if you plan to stay put for a long time, choosing the best quality materials and construction features like full extension drawers, organizers and soft-close hinges may make more sense.
  2. Consider your need for storage space. Just because your kitchen layout has been a certain way for a long time and you’ve gotten used to it, doesn’t mean it ends there! The best thing about choosing kitchen cabinets for your modern kitchen in Vaughan is that you don’t have to just replace existing cabinetry; you can customize the size and shape of cupboards and cabinetry based on how you use your kitchen, and what kind of storage you need. For example, you can elect to have a pantry built right in or add tall cupboards to hold your kitchen appliances. Choosing size, shape and layout of your kitchen cabinets is therefore Step 2 of the process.
  3. Identify the style and particulars. Obviously if you have a modern kitchen in Vaughan, you won’t want to opt for antique period cabinetry; the latest European-style cabinets might be a better choice. You will also want to decide on a colour that works best for a contemporary kitchen, keeping in mind that many types of cabinets can also be painted. Materials will become important here as you consider natural colours and wood grain.

Other factors to consider when choosing the perfect kitchen cabinets

Apart from the basics – quality, layout and style – other factors may come into play. Here are additional things to consider when choosing kitchen cabinets:

-Environmental: Are you interested in custom kitchen cabinets made of reclaimed wood or sustainable products like bamboo?

-Warranty: How long are cabinets warrantied for? And what is covered under the warranty?

-Installation: Does the cabinet maker employ in-house staff to properly install the cabinets, or is a separate contractor required?

Of course, this article just covers the basics of how to choose the perfect kitchen cabinets for your modern kitchen in Vaughan. There’s much more to know…but fortunately, you don’t have to be a kitchen designer to make a great decision where kitchen cabinets are concerned! The owner of Trillium Kitchens, Konstantin, is a second generation cabinetmaker whose range of cabinetmaking, installation, and remodeling experience has enabled him to develop mastery of Custom Cabinetry work. His passion for the business shines through in every finished project. If you have questions about the perfect cabinets for your kitchen, call us today.

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