3 Reasons Why a Custom Master Bathroom Will Enhance Your Home

A bathroom may be the smallest room in the home, but there’s a whole lot going on in there. A bathroom has become so much more than a place serving a single function. It’s the most personal space in your house – and you should have a custom master bathroom.

It’s used for storage, it’s used for getting ready in the mornings, and it’s often the only private space in the home where you can lock yourself away for a little while (cough couch, parents of tiny humans).

A bathroom is the most vital part of the house. That’s why, if you’re building a custom home, a bathroom is the one room you should be thinking about more so than any other.

Add that extra touch of luxury and personal style, create the storage you need, and finally have everything laid out exactly that way you want it.

Here are three reasons your home needs a custom master bathroom.

1. Custom Master Bathroom Features

There are certain features you may desire that you simply won’t get with any old bathroom.

For example, maybe you have more than one person in the shower at a time, and you want to add a double shower head and a more spacious shower. Perhaps you’d like a double sink or a custom built drawer to keep your laundry basket out of sight. If you’re into vintage and antique design, you may want to put in a beautiful clawfoot tub.

These personalized features won’t come with a stock bathroom, but with a custom bathroom, you can add any feature you want.

2. Custom Master Bathroom Layout

Would you like your toilet area to be more private and tucked away from the shower? A stock bathroom layout typically focuses more on practicality than privacy, so if you have specific design ideas, a custom bath is the way to go.

Remember, a bathroom is a tiny space, but it’s utilized for a lot. It’s important to have a layout that incorporates practicality, function and efficiency, all the while tying it into your personal preferences.

Additionally, a stock bathroom may not have a design that is suitable for the number of people using your bathroom, or for the way you use your bathroom. A custom layout will be tailored to fit your needs and lifestyle when it comes to the function of your bathroom.

3. Custom Master Bathroom for Your Custom Home

A custom master bathroom is a great idea for anyone, but it’s of particular importance if you are building a custom home.

People building a custom home may be tempted to leave the bathroom alone since after all, it is just a bathroom. But really, a stock bathroom will not look right with the custom design of your home. If you’re going to put the time, money, and effort into a custom home, don’t leave out the bathroom.

Life can be stressful. That’s why you want your house to be as comfortable and accommodating as possible. When you stop and think about it, you’ll realize that your bathroom is a lot more personal than you thought, and you probably use it for a lot more than you thought.

A custom master bathroom can be that luxurious, spa-like space that you can’t get elsewhere in the house.

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