How to Hire the Best Custom Bathroom Renovations Contractor in Vaughan

Is it time for a bathroom remodel? If you’ve gotten tired of frequent visits from the plumber, tripping over broken tile, trying to find room for your toiletries and towels in a tight layout or trying to scrub the permanent scratches out of the tub, you might be considering starting over from scratch. In that case, it’s no use hiring a couple of teens off Kijiji; naturally, you’ll search for the best custom bathroom renovations contractor in Vaughan, one who knows what they are doing and can complete your bathroom renovation non time and on budget. After all, even if you have a second or third full bathroom, a functioning bath is not something you want to go without for long!

At Trillium Kitchens and Baths, our focus is always on our customers when doing a bathroom remodel. We do what it takes to earn customer respect by providing the full package: beautiful, space-optimizing bathroom layouts, the highest quality workmanship, and customer service that goes above and beyond. As the best custom bathroom renovation company in Vaughan, we serve the entire GTA. But don’t take our word for it; follow these tips to make sure you truly are hiring the best when you engage a bathroom renovations contractor.

  • Ask the hard questions, directly. It’s amazing how many homeowners are afraid of giving offense, so they don’t come right out and ask things like:

Do you do projects of my size and scale? This is important, because a struggling bathroom renovations contractor may agree to do any job when their specialty is really doing very basic, small condo bathrooms; they may not have the staff or resources to complete a custom design in a timely manner. Conversely, you could be envisioning a modest bathroom remodel, in which case you don’t need to talk to a company who wants to take your entire house down to the studs. Of course, you must follow up the contractor’s answer with your own research as to the types of jobs they have completed.

How many projects will you be working on at the same time? This question goes to how much time and resources the contractor can devote to your project. It may seem flattering that an elite, uber-busy bathroom renovations contractor in Vaughan would be willing to make time for you, but if they have too many jobs on the go, they may not be able to dedicate a project manager and staff to completing your bathroom on time and on budget.

-Can you talk to their previous clients? Online testimonials and reviews are all very well, but since they can be ‘tweaked’ by unscrupulous contractors, it’s important to ask for check-able references of real people.

  • Get everything in writing. When the dust settles, the documents your Vaughan-area custom bathroom renovations contractor has prepared for you should be…

Professional. If your contractor can’t take the time to type or write out forms that look reasonably professional and legible, it speaks to their attention to detail.

-Inclusive. Don’t verbally agree to add extras on later, or shake hands on just revising the documents ‘in case something happens’. Of course, something will probably happen, but the first contract should include contingencies for all but the most extreme circumstances.

-Comprehensive. Contracts should include the payment schedule, scope of work, site plan, an outline of the construction tasks, any warranties and waivers of liens, and an estimated timeline.

If your contractor can provide all of this to your satisfaction, you should feel confident going forward with your bathroom renovation project!

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