10 Luxurious Modern Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas

For most people, the kitchen is the best part of the home. It’s where you cook delicious meals, it’s where your family sits down together every night, and it’s where your guests gather when you’re hosting a dinner party.

Since the kitchen is so important, let’s make this space as luxurious, glamorous and inviting as possible. For your modern kitchen cabinets, here are 10 luxurious & super ideas to make your kitchen stand out.

1) Veneer Wood

Slab wood veneer doors are becoming a trend! The veneer slab adds warmth, depth and a touch of nature to the home. The magnificent pattern of the wood grains seems to lock your eyes in.

2) Stainless Steel

If stainless steel isn’t modern, then we don’t know what is. If you’re going for a super sleek look, try stainless steel on more than just your appliances. Stainless steel cabinets can add a high-end touch to your home.

3) Lacquered Cabinets

If you want that sleek look without all the steel, try lacquered kitchen cabinets. Bright, shiny, and rich in colour, these cabinets will add beautiful and luxurious aesthetics to your kitchen.

4) Floating Shelves

There’s something about having your kitchen wear on display that creates a modern and elegant look. Floating shelves are a great way to stay trendy while adding a touch of hominess.

5) Coloured Cabinets

Bright colours don’t necessarily come to mind when you hear the word “modern”. But maybe it should! Combine modern and artistic by adding in coloured cabinets.

You can choose to add a splash or colour to just one or a few cabinets or go for the big bang. Painted cabinets in conjunction with modern décor can be the perfect touch for a mid-century modern home.

6) Modern White Kitchen Cabinets

For super modern and minimalistic fans, white cabinets may ring better with you than coloured ones. Glistening white cabinets create cleanliness, space, airiness, and allow that natural sunlight to be the star of the kitchen.

7) Stained Wood

If you’re not into bright colours, but also don’t want to go full-on white, stained wood may be a great option for you. Stained wood allows for a delicate, hint of colour while maintaining a mix of modern design with the historical grain of the wood.

8) No Upper Cabinets

If you don’t require a lot of kitchen storage, skipping out on the upper kitchen cabinets all together is an option. No upper cabinetry will create the ultimate open plan and allow for a spacious, sleek, and minimalistic look. You’ll have lots of wall space to add a fabulous backsplash or anything else your modern heart desires.

9) Distressed Gun Metal Steel

Go modern yet unique with distressed gun metal steel kitchen cabinets. Your cupboards will look more like a piece of art than storage units.

10) Mix and Match Cabinets

Mixing and matching is a trend that will never get old. Try combining a few of these amazing kitchen styles into one modern, unique, and beautiful kitchen presentation.

Try lower wood cabinets with upper white lacquered ones. Or try upper stainless steel cabinets with painted lower wood cabinets.

The best part about mixing and matching is that the styles are endless, so you’re sure to find something that is uniquely you.

A modern style is not a one-size-fits-all. There are limitless possibilities and finding what works for you is a matter of personal taste, practicality, and lifestyle factors.

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