Luxury Kitchen Cabinets Manufacturers: What to Look For

Your kitchen renovation can be a substantial undertaking, and as such, it’s important to get it right when looking at luxury kitchen cabinets manufacturers who can transform this important space into the stunning gathering hub you want to create!

Designing and installing luxurious custom kitchen cabinetry that does not match your exacting specifications for layout and luxury can mean winding up with a kitchen that:

…has a too-clear time stamp and will soon look dated

…a kitchen that is difficult to entertain in

…or a kitchen that simply has to be re-done, far too soon.

Here’s what to look for in a luxury kitchen manufacturer – and what to avoid.

3 Musts When Sourcing Luxury Kitchen Cabinetry Manufacturers

A quick Google search may reveal pages and pages of kitchen designers and contractors – what should you look for?

Here are some key indications that a high-end kitchen cabinetry manufacturer knows their stuff.

  • Attention to detail: This can be spotted even in the website itself. Sure, anyone can hire a web developer to create a snazzy website, yet doing so is, in itself, a surprisingly rare form of pride in one’s work. When looking at the image galleries, compare pictures from several companies to get an idea of their millwork and what you like. There may not seem to be a huge difference, but it’s the little things that make all the difference. Whether it’s creating a design that perfectly expresses your tastes or taking the time to make sure each measurement is 100% accurate, at Trillium Kitchens and Baths, we never lose sight of the details.
  • Customer service: Even if all the kitchen manufacturers’ websites look great to you, you almost certainly won’t have the same experience once you start contacting them directly for a quote. You can almost make a game of it: who responds within 12 hours? 24? 48? Or does your inquiry just go into the ether because someone has determined your project isn’t worth the time – or is too busy to check messages? Once you do connect with someone, how do you feel when speaking to them…engaged or rushed? Look for a luxury kitchen manufacturer who listens attentively, returns calls and messages quickly, and keeps the lines of communication open. After all, if a company can’t get the initial contact right, what will the reno look like?
  • It’s fine to choose other than a family owned and operated business, but you will definitely want to select one with a cohesive, ‘family-like’ team of skilled and dedicated craftsmen. Beware of two-guys-and-a-truck type operations because you need more than that from a luxury kitchen manufacturer.

Luxury Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers: Watch Out For…

Not all luxury kitchen cabinets manufacturers are created equal – or are equally good for the style and quality you are trying to achieve. Watch out for…

  • Kitchen contractors who try to push you into certain trends, such as giant stainless steel appliances when you don’t even cook.
  • Companies who only know how to do one thing or achieve one look. Stark white-on-white kitchens are already going out of fashion, so if a designer’s entire body of work consists of nothing but ultra-modern and that’s not what you like, be cautioned.
  • Pressure of any kind. This is your project, to be brought about by your designer…not the other way around. Of course you will want to be open to expert recommendations, and you already know your dream design has to obey the laws of physics, but beyond that, you’re in charge.

Not sure which luxury kitchen cabinet manufacturer in the GTA is the best? Put us to the test! Contact us today for a no-hassle consultation.


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