Modern Kitchens: What You Need to Know

Isn’t a modern kitchen simply any kitchen that’s built today rather than 20 or 50 years ago? Not quite. While modern is often used as a synonym for contemporary, the two are not really the same. If you renovate your kitchen now, you will definitely have a contemporary kitchen that utilizes the building materials, appliances and fixtures that are available on the market today. But you will not necessarily have achieved the style effect of a modern kitchen.

True modern kitchens are quite popular because of their simplicity and high style, yet they should also be accessible enough for daily family use. Read on to find out more about what makes a modern kitchen.

How to Transform Your Kitchen into a Modern Oasis

One thing found in most modern kitchens today involves the cupboards and cabinetry – a major ‘tell’ of what style influences a kitchen is flat panel doors. Modern kitchens typically have a flat panel door style without a lot of ornamental design. Although the style is too simplistic for some, a flat panel (a.k.a. slab door style) is really one of the signature products in a modern kitchen.

What else can you expect to see in a true modern kitchen?

  • Frameless cabinet construction: This form of cabinet design is also known as Euro and overlay because the door overlays and completely covers the cabinet itself so you can’t see the frame. This style produces a sleeker, more modern look than a traditional flush-inset cabinet. Uniform spacing throughout the doors and drawers also makes things look more precisely modern.
  • Simple cabinet hardware: Forget highly ornamental drawer pulls – or even plain round knobs. In modern kitchens you’ll often find hardware that’s integrated into the cabinet, or flat linear pulls that run the full length of the cabinet to further accentuate the horizontal lines.
  • Modern materials: That one just makes sense! While glass and stainless steel can show up a great deal in a modern kitchen, wood is also used, especially for flooring and paneling; it’s not intricately carved, but rather takes a simple, natural form whose only ornamentation is the natural grain of the wood. The same goes for marble, where an unadorned slab of an island can dominate the room. Look for modern touches like stainless steel countertops or surprisingly intricate glass backsplashes which can add warmth and pop to an otherwise very streamlined modern design.
  • Subway tile backsplashes: Since even the most modern kitchen can look cold and sterile without a pop of colour or pattern, the backsplash is a place to let whimsy come into play, even in a modern kitchen…or you can stick with timeless white, black, or a combination of both.
  • Horizontal lines. You won’t find many curves in the modern kitchen, apart from the designer furniture; the kitchen itself tends to be built to emphasize the horizontal, with long stacks of wide drawer cabinets lined in a row, and hardware set horizontally to accentuate these lines. Look for the wood grain on panels to be horizontal, too.

Let Us Help You Design the Modern Kitchen of Your Dreams

If you long for a modern kitchen that truly reflects your preference for unadorned modern luxury, call Trillium Kitchens and Baths. Our expert design team will create a kitchen design that makes you want to spend more time in this wonderful room!

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