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Olga’s project

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November 2014

Beautiful Transitional kitchen with Mirrored Doors
Zebra Wood stain (veneer on particle board)
Zebra Wood was used for accents
MDF door faces with paint
White melamine inside cabinets and drawers
Boxed light valance
We have also done some built-ins and vanities.
Was a great project to work on.
Creative ideas from the owner and our team are shining through.

Marco’s Classic Kitchen

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February 2015

Gray stained maple kitchen
Double bridge and unique stain makes this project stand out from the ones we have done this year.
Solid wood door faces
Hard rock maple melamine inside
Corbels on island
Boxed light valance
Wine rack pantry
Soft close doors and drawers

Boris’ Kitchens & Closets

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August 2014

Contemporary Style Kitchens and closets
Simple look kitchen, gray matted doors
This kitchen was installed in a condo
Door style slab
Quarter cut oak accents
Hard rock maple melamine inside
MDF doors with paint
Soft close doors and drawers

Deanne’s Kitchen

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Fresh Colors
Unique design of peninsular and cupboard pantry
MDF doors slab style
Modern style kitchen
1,5 thick gables
Recessed kick, boxed light valance
“Magic Corner” cabinets
Built in appliances
White melamine inside
Soft close doors and drawers

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