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Beautiful Transitional Kitchen in Thornhill

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Yana’s Kitchen

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Transitional Kitchen with Wall Unit

Office and Closet in Condo

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Bar and Mud Room in a Model House

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Rodion’s Cabana

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Victoria’s Project

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  • modern-master-bathroom
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Classic kitchen with Manhattan style doors, custom canopy, glaze finish, island with corbels, half round columns and built in appliances

Fireplace with double shaker style top columns and doors.

Library made of stained solid wood maple and wainscoting, arch kick, large crown and 1,5 thick maple shelves.

Laundry with shaker style doors, 1,5 thick gables and light valance, recessed kick.

Master vanity with make up desk, 2 sinks with arch kick, 2 banks of 4 drawers, 2 towers with open shelves, bridge above mirror and double shaker style mirror frame.

Walk in closet with custom design doors with frosted glass, flat kick and trim.

Bar with solid wood stained maple, 1,5 thick shelves, applied molding on the back panel.

Wine cellar with floated columns, solid wood stained maple and 1,5 thick walk in door with glass.

Rodion’s Project

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Modern style kitchen with quarter cut oak accents, arch kick, “waterfall” granite and built in appliances.
Library with shaker style doors and columns, 1,5 thick open shelves and decorative kick

Modern style foyer mirrored doors.

Master vanity with quarter cut oak accents, arch kick, 1,5 thick open shelves and bridge above sink and vanity.

Walk in closet with shoe shelves pantry and 1,5 thick dark paint frame.

Alexey’s project

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May, 2015A good example of Modern Kitchen

  • MDF doors Shaker style
  • White melamine inside cabinets
  • Shaker style columns
  • Wine rack cabinet
  • Custom hood
  • Stackable upper cabinets
  • Boxed light valance
  • Recessed kick
  • Built in appliances
  • Baseboard with shoe molding on the island

Olga’s project

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November 2014

Beautiful Transitional kitchen with Mirrored Doors
Zebra Wood stain (veneer on particle board)
Zebra Wood was used for accents
MDF door faces with paint
White melamine inside cabinets and drawers
Boxed light valance
We have also done some built-ins and vanities.
Was a great project to work on.
Creative ideas from the owner and our team are shining through.

Marco’s Classic Kitchen

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February 2015

Gray stained maple kitchen
Double bridge and unique stain makes this project stand out from the ones we have done this year.
Solid wood door faces
Hard rock maple melamine inside
Corbels on island
Boxed light valance
Wine rack pantry
Soft close doors and drawers