Choosing the Right Bathroom Vanity for Your Remodel

The time has come for your big bathroom renovation and with it, comes the challenge of choosing the right bathroom vanity for your remodel. You have a vision of how you would like the room to look, but the exact details may seem a little fuzzy. Your vanity is going to be a major focal piece in your new bathroom.

Tying in visual appeal and functionality is important. There is not a right way or a wrong way to choose your bathroom vanity, but we’ve come up with a variety of ideas for you to keep in mind while you search for the perfect fit.

Before making any firm decisions, take the time to consider all of the possible options that are out there. Understand what the needs of the room are and how you envision your new space to look. Take extra care to measure everything thoroughly. Enjoy considering all of the alternatives that you are sure to come across!

And now…

How to choose the right bathroom vanity for your remodel…


Room Size Matters

The size of your bathroom will dictate the size of your vanity. Some rooms lend themselves to large, robust features, while smaller rooms may look best with simple, refined pieces.

Powder Room

Powder rooms are also referred to as half-baths and are often the smallest rooms in the house. Since there are no showers or tubs in these rooms, there is not a need for a large vanity. Beauty products, towels, brushes, hair dryers, etc. can all get stored in other spaces throughout the house. A vanity with just a sink and a modest countertop will suffice.

Guest Bathrooms

Guest bathrooms often used by the children and teenagers of the house, as well as visitors. For this reason, you’ll want to make sure the vanity has room for storage.

Consider a vanity that has drawers. Drawers allow for everyday bath and beauty items to get stored in an organized manner. Drawers will give kids and teens a designated space to store their items. The more storage the vanity has the more space that will be left free on the countertop.

Master Bathrooms

The master bathroom is the space where the homeowners take care of their daily bathing needs and beauty rituals. The master bath is the bathroom that will need to have the most storage. Two sinks are also a great idea for this space.



When choosing a bathroom vanity, you’ll decide between a floating or more furniture-like structure.

Floating vanities are great for making a room look large. Since the floor below is visible in this style, the vanity can create a modern-feel or give the option to have open storage for extra towels or toiletry items.

Furniture-style vanities are often popular because they allow for the style of the rest of the home to flow into the bathroom. For example, in a master bathroom, this form of vanity can be created to match the dressers and wardrobes that are in the master bedroom. For those choosing a furniture-style vanity, cohesion and consistency throughout a room are often a priority.



The spot your vanity is currently in may not be where it should stay. You want to consider how traffic flows in and out of the room. Make sure that your vanity is in a spot that is easily accessible but is not blocking the door or toilet. If you have a shower door that swings open, take extra care that this door will not hit your vanity as well.

Your vanity should always make sense for the size of your bathroom. Before getting too far into your remodel, take accurate measurements so that you are selecting a vanity that will make sense for the scale of the room.

Consider other architectural aspects of the bathroom as well. Pay close attention to where the windows are because their placement can affect the size of mirror you can choose or some of the wall cabinets you can add.

In regards to where the vanity should be in the room, plumbing is a major factor. If you are choosing to move your vanity, this may account for a significant chunk of change to come out of your remodel budget. Primary switches, like changing from a wall-mounted to floor-mounted vanity could have heavy implications on the pipe and drain systems.



When choosing your new vanity, it is important to keep the climate of the room in mind. Bathrooms are often wet, humid, and extremely busy. You will want to make sure that you are choosing materials that can stand up to the wear and tear that will impact them during everyday life.

It is often suggested to choose your vanity top first because it is much easier to find tile and other bathroom finishes to match the unique countertop that you may choose. Make sure you look for a vanity top that is durable. Avoid hard-to-clean grout where mold and mildew can live.

Many designers encourage clients to opt for laminates, wood veneers, or thermofoil. Considering what kind of seal is best for your needs will ensure that moisture will not warp or damage the delicate finish.

Some materials will be more appropriate than others depending on how the bathroom gets used. Powder rooms tend to take less of a beating, so they lend themselves to fancy, more delicate fixtures. On the other hand, your master bathroom is for bathing, so select elements that will be able to stand up to the wear and tear.

If a bathroom that is often used by children is getting remodelled, it is a good idea to stick with finishes that can be quickly cleaned and not damaged easily. Ensure that the special cleaning products you like to use in your bathroom will not harm or damage the new materials that you are choosing.

Choosing the right hardware will give your new vanity a polished look. Consider mixing and matching. For example, if you have opted for a dark vanity, go with light coloured hardware to make the features pop.

If you are on a tight budget, consider spray-painting your old bathroom hardware. Spray-painting may also be a great option to update dingy looking light sconces.



When deciding how much storage you must have in your bathroom remodel, take into account all of your must-haves. Taking inventory of your belongings can be a perfect time to get rid of any unnecessary items that you no longer use.

Organize everything in your bathroom by items that you need to have close by and things that get used less often. This method will assist you in deciding how much storage your new vanity should have.

Hanging vanities with drawers are an excellent way to take advantage of often unused space surrounding plumbing fixtures. Many designers encourage clients to stay away from bulky medicine cabinets and instead use wall cabinetry to add storage.



Proper lightening is essential for every style of vanity. Modern bathroom lighting options can vary drastically. First, you will want to choose if you would like your bathroom lightening to go above or on the side of the mirror. What you choose for lighting is not only a stylistic choice but may also affect how shadows appear upon the mirror.

Many designers recommend sconces for bathroom lightening. Sconces eliminate the potential for harsh shadows, and can also create a more welcoming feel in the room. There are many different styles available to choose from, so this a great way to transform the new area.



You will want to determine how many sinks you will need depending on how you plan to use your remodelled room. Having one sink is doable for powder rooms and guest bathrooms, but consider opting for dual sinks when remodelling your master bath vanity.

When you are choosing a sink type, make sure to examine the counter space, counter material, and overall room design.

Different sink types to consider are:

  • Undermount: the sink is installed under the counter, creating a clean appearance.
  • Vessel: There is no required under counter installation. This style is usually in the shape of a bowl and sits on the surface of the countertop.
  • Self-rimming: the edges of the sink rest on an opening in the counter

Consider Custom Designs

There are a ton of great pre-built vanity options on the market, but certain situations may call for the customizability of size and storage. Keep in mind that custom master bathroom designs are not always more expensive than store-bought ones, so make sure to explore all of your options.

Custom vanities can help solve design issues that you may be experiencing when choosing the right bathroom vanity for your remodel. The ability to customize allows you to choose where you want your sink positioned, how thick you want the bowl, and what type of faucet you like best. Having a vanity that you have designed yourself also enables the possibility of creating custom storage for frequently used tools such as hair dryers, hand towels, and facial creams.

If the space getting the updates is very small, expandable and collapsible vanities are another option to consider. Their design allows them to get transported and installed much more easily than traditional pieces.

Small Spaces

Small bathrooms can create quite a challenge when it comes to storage, decorating, and design. We’ve come up with some ideas on how to choose the right bathroom vanity for your remodel that are sure to help:

Sink and Faucet

Ensure that precious countertop space gets maximized by looking for a smaller sink. Wall-mounted faucets allow for the sink to be pushed back further, thus creating more counter space and a better overall visual appeal.

Wall-mounted Vanity

These vanities can create an airy feel in the room. This style will have similar aesthetic benefits as pedestal or console sinks. Storage varies by particular designs. Some are just countertops, whereas others feature cabinets beneath that offer places to put odds and ends. This design lends itself well to a modern style

Cabinet-Style Vanity

Seek out styles that have been specifically made for apartments so that they will have the size and functionality that you need. When measuring, make sure that the cabinets you are considering will not visually overwhelm the space. This style is well-suited for classic rooms and can often match the furniture that is in the rest of the house.


With this vanity type, the free-standing nature of the sink gives visual relief to a small room. This option does not offer any storage, so will need to be accounted for in other areas. Consoles can often be a middle ground between wall-mounted and cabinet-style.

Keep with the Theme

Regardless of the size, mirror, sink, countertop, or hardware that you choose, make sure that your new vanity blends in well with the overall theme of your bathroom when choosing the right bathroom vanity for your remodel. If your remodel focuses on modern finishes, stick to that, but similarly, if you have chosen to go with a more traditional feel, you will want your vanity to reflect that style.

Vanities are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve a great functional use as well. Do not underestimate how much time in a day you spend in your bathroom! It is important to create a space that is easy to utilize. With all of the tips listed above about, you are sure to be on your way to undergoing the bathroom remodel of our dreams.

We hope we helped you discover how to choose the right bathroom vanity for your remodel.  If so, call us today for your no-obligation consultation.

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