Custom Cabinetry

If you want the absolute best custom cabinetry in Vaughan, Trillium stands head and shoulders above the competition. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, our unwavering attention to detail and our years of experience in the cabinetry industry mean the cabinets you get from us are the best your money can buy. But that’s not all because not only do we create beautifully crafted cabinets, we also handle all aspects of installation as well, and that’s important because no one will know better how to properly install your new cabinets than the people who made them.

Custom Cabinetry: Vaughan

It’s fair to say that we at Trillium have cabinetry in our blood. From our founder, Konstantin, to the most junior member of the team, each individual has demonstrated exceptional woodworking abilities and knowledge in the art of custom cabinetry. Vaughan is home to our state of the art facility where our designers utilize their special talents to conceive unique kitchen experiences that our craftsmen then turn into timeless creations that will add value to your home for years to come.

Kitchen Cabinets, Vaughan – The Trillium Difference

  • Quality All our cabinets are created using the highest grade solid hardwoods and fitted together using the tried and true, time-tested methods of traditional master woodworkers. We treat each and every cabinet as though it’s the most important one we’ve ever made, because we believe a reputation is only as good as the work you do today.
  • Custom Fit Our design consultants work with you to ensure you get the most from your available kitchen space. We’re experts at handcrafting solutions that utilize space in innovative and often surprising ways. You’ll find no dead spots or off-hand work-arounds in Trillium cabinetry. We take the extra time and go the extra mile to craft space-conscious designs that bring the whole kitchen into play.
  • Timeless Beauty When you choose Trillium you get a company dedicated to creating the best in kitchen cabinets. Vaughan has been the canvas our dedicated craftsmen have used to push the state of the art (as you can see in the photos of our recent work) and we’re always looking for the best design, the perfect fit between client and cabinet.
  • Real Customer Service The 21st century has been described as the graveyard of customer service: but not at Trillium Kitchen and Bath. We treat you like family from your first consultation all the way through to the completion of your cabinet installation. We stand behind everything we do and don’t fall back on fine print should you have questions or concerns. Our kitchen cabinets in Vaughan represent a pact between ourselves and our customers. We’re proud you’ve chosen to grace your home with our designs and we make sure you’ll never be sorry that you did.

The journey from dream to idea, idea to concept and then concept to reality is one that’s full of surprising turns and unexpected discoveries. One of the great thrills our customers have is holding up drawings they’d made when dreaming about the kitchen they wanted and comparing them to the finished product. In most cases the fundamental idea depicted in those rough, early sketches is still there, expressed now in beautiful hardwood. The real surprise, the real satisfaction though, comes in seeing the way that original idea was refined and fleshed out with the help of our design team until it became the completely realized concept standing before them.

If you’re contemplating having beautiful new cabinets installed in your kitchen in Vaughan give us a call or drop us a line via the contact form below. And remember, the journey from idea to reality is shorter than you think.

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