Custom Kitchens

Honesty, integrity and exceptional customer service. Those are the principles Trillium was founded on and they’re the principles that continue to drive us to this day. Our custom kitchen design Vaughan facilities are state of the art and our creative consultants some of the best in the business, meaning the kitchen we create for you will fit your lifestyle like a glove and bring you years of pride and joy.

Custom Kitchen Design in Vaughan

A kitchen is more than just a place to grab something to eat, it’s the heart and soul of your home and the room you likely spend more of your waking time in than any other. When you choose Trillium for your kitchen renovation in Vaughan your new kitchen will reflect the highest standards of old-world craftsmanship and attention to detail. We understand our job is not to tell you what you want but to guide you to a greater appreciation of design possibilities and then let you decide. As these photos of recent Trillium projects demonstrate, our designers are fully versed in traditional and contemporary trends and materials and can help you mine the hidden potential of your space to dazzling effect.

Trillium Kitchen Renovation: Vaughan

The first step in the process of renovating your kitchen is to create a ‘wish list’ of things you absolutely want to see in the finished kitchen as well as things you’d like to see if circumstances will allow. These lists will form the basis of the dialogue between yourself and our designers. When you come in for your initial consultation the discussion will usually start with:

  • The Cabinets The cabinets will set the tone for the overall design as well as establish sightlines and be the largest single component of the colour scheme. Determining the number and style of your custom cabinets will also help you establish budgetary guidelines for them, as well as the rest of the project.
  • Working Through the ‘Wish List’ Once you have an idea what the cabinets will look like we’ll work with you on the other elements of your wish list. We’ll make suggestions both aesthetic and practical regarding the various items on your list until we arrive at the preliminary design.
  • Refining the Initial Design Once the preliminary design is agreed upon it’s time to refine the concept and bring everything into focus. Any changes are made at this stage until a final design concept takes shape and is approved by you. Photo-realistic, 3D renderings will then allow you to clearly see what your new kitchen will look like once complete.
  • Installing Custom Kitchens in Vaughan Our network of trusted contractors working alongside our own in-house technicians have years of experience and are experts at every aspect of the renovation process. We’ll consult with you every step of the way so you know where the process stands at all times and we’ll proceed with professional efficiency to reach the ultimate goal, without ever cutting a corner or letting something slip by as ‘good enough’.

Our talented craftsmen realize that any renovation project is an intrusive, disruptive process and they’ll never leave behind a mess in other parts of your house or treat any part of your property with anything less than total respect. The installation pros from Trillium will oversee every aspect of the work and make sure you are completely satisfied before declaring the job finished.

Trillium is the company you can trust for all your custom kitchen needs in Vaughan and elsewhere. Every one of our customers is important to us and we work tirelessly to validate that trust with every job. So call us today or fill out the contact form below and join a growing number of homeowners who’ve discovered the Trillium difference.

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