Modern Kitchens

Today’s modern kitchens are a synthesis of contemporary design and everyday practicality. They typically feature clean, subtle lines, rounded corners mingling with hard edges and lots of reflective surfaces. Though they may be minimalist in nature, however, within the uncluttered, classical ambience they achieve a warmth and comfort that makes them the go-to space for rejuvenation in the home. At Trillium modern kitchens Vaughan our designers work tirelessly to find unique ways to express your individual tastes and lifestyle preferences while retaining the ability of your kitchen to serve all its functional imperatives. They relish the challenges presented by every new kitchen project and strive to deliver innovative practical and aesthetic solutions that open eyes and fulfill dreams.

Working With Trillium Modern Kitchens Vaughan

Our kitchen design team is one of the most sought after in Greater Toronto and the photos you see here of our recent work show why. They get your project off on the right foot every time and will be your guides as you work your way through our three step process.

  • Step I: Design – The design process begins with an initial consultation where lots of questions are asked and your overall hopes for the project are discussed. Our designers then visit your home to get a feel for the space. They measure everything, take photos and make note of any geographical, architectural or personal elements that make your home unique. After this, the first floor plan is created. This plan is then discussed and refined until a final design emerges.
  • Step II: Production – Once the final design is agreed upon our expert craftsmen begin the job of turning the lines and measurements of the plan into beautifully realised creations for your new kitchen. Using innovative production techniques designed to increase quality while reducing waste, every element that will go into your home is rendered with a deft touch reflecting our decades of woodworking knowledge and experience.
  • Step III: Installation – Once the elements of your new kitchen have come to life in our Vaughan workshop it’s time for our installation pros to put them all together for you on-site. We have every detail of the installation process down to a science so you never have to endure unnecessary delays. Our attention to detail during production means you can be sure everything will be built out to the exact specifications of the final design plan: no need to worry about 11th hour surprises or missing or changed elements.

The craftsmen of Trillium modern kitchens, Vaughan are technicians dedicated to process, eternally striving for perfection. The level of detail and quality they’ll bring to your new kitchen will add significant value to your property for years to come and turn the beating heart of your home into a shiny centrepiece that surpasses even your loftiest expectations.

When you’re ready for a serious upgrade to your lifestyle, Trillium modern kitchens in Vaughan will be ready to help you achieve it. Fill out the form below and send it in to us to get the ball rolling. You won’t be sorry.

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